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How to choose your perfect shade...

Lust Mineral Cosmetics Colour ChartsWe understand choosing a foundation online can be tricky however there is no need to worry, we have you covered and are always here to help.

The sections below include a description of each shade for our products.

We also have a FREE Colour Matching service available online as we colour match over 85% of our Lust converts.

Alternatively, please email  and we can most certainly assist you.

If you are unsure which products may be best suited to you and your lifestyle please email us and we can easily assist you.

Please note that we are currently changing our shade number system to a new format.  Over the next few months you will continue to see both old and new colour shades on our products.

These show the new colour and the old colour for our products as follows:
#01 (#05)
In this example #01 is the new colour number and #05 is our old colour number.

Which Shade should I choose?

Liquid Foundation & Powder Foundations

#01 (#05)
For Fair to light skin tones, has a neutral undertone.

#02 (#10)
For Light skin tones, has a yellow undertone.

#03 (#19)
For Medium skin tones, has a golden undertone.

#04 (#08)
For Light to Medium skin tones, has a pink undertone.

#05 (#13)
For Medium skin tones, has a beige undertone.

#06 (#18)
For Medium to Tan skin tones, has a warm – neutral undertone

#07 (#07)
For Tan skin tones, has golden undertone.

#09 (#14)
For Medium skin tones, has a pink undertone.

#10 (#21)
For Tan – Dark skin tones, has an olive – neutral undertone.

#12 (#24)
For Dark skin tones, has cool – amber undertones. The perfect shade for contouring/bronzing.

Mineral Stick Foundation Colours

This image shows the older style colour codes for our Mineral Stick Cream Foundation

Pro Liquid Foundation Shades

Liquid Foundation Shades Chart
Liquid Foundation Shades Chart
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