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Frequently Asked Questions about Lust Minerals

Which foundation is longer lasting – Lust Stick foundation or Powder foundation?

Although both our foundations are long wearing and offer beautiful flawless coverage, our Powder Foundation will give a longer lasting coverage and feel fresh all day long.

No Boxes, Why?

Lust minerals believe we are environmentalists at heart which is why we have chosen to minimize our company’s carbon footprint by not wasting tree, this is why our luxury minerals come box free!

Do you use parabens?

Never! Parabens are a synthetic preservative and we only use a natural preservative in our formulations.

Are the foundations non comedogenic?

Yes. Our foundations allow the skin to breathe and do not clog pores.

Does your makeup contain Bismuth Oxychloride?

Absolutely not! Bismuth Oxychloride is a by product of refined lead and is used by many leading mineral makeup brands because it is a cheap filler. People who suffer from rosacea, acne or people with sensitive skin often find that this ingredient will irritate their skin. At Lust, we only use ingredients that benefit the and protect the skin.

I’ve heard Titanium Dioxide can be bad. What type of Titanium Dioxide do you use and is it safe to use?

We get asked this question often and there is no need for concern. The titanium dioxide used in Lust minerals consists of fine particles, however they are not small enough to penetrate into the skin and enter the blood stream. The nano-sized particles of Titanium dioxide is what the concern is about and we do not use that type of Titanium Dioxide.

Do your foundations offer sun protection?

Yes, all of Lusts foundations have a natural sunscreen. Our Powder foundation offers the highest protection and is rated SPF 15+.

What is Lust Mineral Cosmetics?

Lust mineral cosmetics is an Australian brand that offers a fantastic range of high quality natural mineral makeup.

Our products do not contain and will never contain harsh chemicals, fillers, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, carmine FD & C dyes or artificial fragrance.
Lust Minerals are designed to be safe and natural – right from conception.

What sets Lust Minerals apart from other mineral makeup companies?

It’s what we leave out! Many mineral makeup companies add ingredients such as talc and bismuth oxychloride, which can cause irritation and bulk up the product, these aren’t true minerals. At Lust, we only use ingredients that benefit the skin and are all natural.

Where possible we select Certified Organic, Australian Produced ingredients, such as Certified Organic Shea Butter; Certified Organic Castor Oil; Certified Organic Sucrose; Certified Organic Jojoba Oil; Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil… just to name a few.

Why should I choose Lust when there are cheaper brands of mineral makeup?

We believe we have the purest make up available and your skin will benefit from using a healthy product. Lust mineral cosmetics were developed to enhance natural beauty and create a healthy radiant skin with minimal irritation. We don’t eat chemicals so why bath ourselves in them.

What age is Lust mineral cosmetics suited for and for what skin types?

Lust minerals are suitable for all ages and for all women that want a healthy natural make up. Our make up is suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skins and for people with allergies.

Can I use Lust minerals immediately after a cosmetic facial treatment?

Yes. Lust Minerals is so gentle that it can be used immediately after light peels, waxing, IPL and microdermbrasion. Its fantastic to be able to walk out of a salon without any redness by using Lusts gentle minerals.

I have very dry skin. Can I use your foundations?

Absolutely! We have 2 foundations, one is our stick foundation, and the other is our powder foundation. Both are suitable for dry skins, however most people with very dry skin prefer our beautiful stick foundation. Both our foundations are talc free so you will find them non drying.

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